Carl Amburn Music Production and Engineering

- Credits -

A Sling And A StoneEscape2003Independent ReleaseMixing, Mastering
A Sling And A StoneSeven2005Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Affections ElseEP2004Independent ReleaseMastering
Amanda CunninghamRun2019Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
American BoyfriendsWhat Love Can Be2001Independent ReleaseCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Anchors For ArsenalDirectionless Become Direction2002Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Anchors For ArsenalAdjust Your Light And Go2003Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Anchors For ArsenalStealing Mercury2005Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Asectic Records2004 Sampler2004Ascetic RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
Banana SeatEverything Glitters2004Choo-Choo Train RecordsCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Bennellennel DennelldawnOur Lady of Peace2002Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Bill's MolehillMy Life Is Not A Sick Hum2005Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Blake HendersonOkie Line + various songs2011Independent ReleaseMusician, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Blue Rose CafeA Reunion And Tribute To Pat Long2004Big Medecine RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Blue Rose CafeWhere The Road Meets The Light2008Independent ReleaseMastering
Brian McFarlandIn The Garden of Acoustic Sculpture2004Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Buddy SouthExchange & Rockwood2018Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Camille HarpLike The Rain2005Independent ReleaseCo-Producer, Musician, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
CaporettoGiants2005Independent ReleaseEngineering, Mixing, Mastering
Chainsaw KittensChainsaw Kittens1996Scratchie Records/Mercury RecordsAssistant Engineer
Clovis RoblaineThe Clovis Roblaine Story2008No Sweat RecordsEngineer
Crush Molly SunshineStore In A Cool Dry Place1996Liquid RecordsCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Crush Molly SunshinePlastic Mother1998Liquid RecordsCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Crush Molly SunshineFrom The Milkbar2000Liquid RecordsCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Dark WarbleMoon Is Trouble2012Independent ReleaseMastering
Dog Face BoySlim vs. the Millipedes2000Independent ReleaseProducer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
EdensleeveAs The Leaves Turn2003Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
El Paso Hot ButtonBuffalo Business2004Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
El Paso Hot ButtonGermany2004Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
El Paso Hot ButtonTurtle Wars2006Independent ReleaseMastering
Engine OrchestraBullet For Lunch2006Nerd Party RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Felina RiveraFelina Rivera2002Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Forty Minutes of HellThe One With The Full Deal On It2001Independent ReleaseCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Forty Minutes of HellFuck It All2002Independent ReleaseCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Forty Minutes of HellGimme Some Delay2007Independent ReleaseCo-Producer, Musician, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
FOTUBureau/Committee2017Independent ReleaseMixing, Mastering
Fresh SundayBrand New Set of Eyes2004Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Gravity Propulsion SystemThe Long Trip Back To Where You Started1998Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing
Gravity Propulsion SystemButcher Piece1998Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing
Gravity Propulsion SystemPoison Rays of Sound2003Ascetic RecordsCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Gravity Propulsion SystemGet Destroy2005Ascetic RecordsCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Heartbreak RodeoEnd of Summer2018Independent ReleaseMixing, Mastering
HostyUno2016Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
HostyWhich Way To Tulsa2020Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Hosty DuoThe Mousetrap Sessions2008Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Hosty DuoII2012Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Hosty DuoYay!2015Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Jeff BrightHatchback Car1999Independent ReleaseCo-Producer, Musician, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
John Arnold BandWest Texas Wind2005Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
John Arnold BandLive In The Park2008Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
King ChaseMinus One2016Independent ReleaseMixing, Mastering
KlipspringerThe Mind of Mandy Moon1996Mushy Mango RecordsCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing
KlipspringerSleepwalking And The Married Virgin2001Nub RecordsCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
KlipspringerMy Knee Hurts2004Sprockett RecordsCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
KoyomiTaming The Tyrant2019Independent ReleaseStem Mastering
Locust AvenueThe New Originals2005Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
MandragoraFull Bloom2003Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
MaroonSenna2004Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Matt Stansberry & the RomanceShine Your Light LIVE2017Independent ReleaseMixing, Mastering
MinkusThe Truth About Boys And Girls2004Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
MuggabearsKim Berlin2004Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
NeverdayFor Lack of Better Words2004Independent ReleaseMixing
Okie NoodlingOkie Noodling2001Redline EntertainmentEngineer
OwlOwl2007Jack RecordsAssistant Engineer
Paul Skinner & Co.Lost In Austin2010Rawcoustic RecordsProducer, Writer, Musician, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Play.Dance.RepeatPlay.Dance.Repeat.2009Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Pushing TreesPushing Trees2004Independent ReleaseMastering
Riddle of SteelPython2003Ascetic RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Riddle of SteelGot This Feelin'2005Ascetic RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Roma 79The Great Dying2005Ascetic RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Roma 79Praise The Divide2008Ascetic RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Russian CirclesRussian Circles2005Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Russian CirclesUpper Ninety2006Suicide Squeeze RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Russian CirclesEnter2006Friction RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Schooled In VictorySnapshot Of An Era2007Normal ProductionsMastering
Self-EvidentEpistemology2005Double Plus Good RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Self-EvidentSelf-Evident2007Double Plus Good RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Self-EvidentBillions2008Stiff Slack RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Self-EvidentEndings2009Double Plus Good RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Self-EvidentWe Build A Fortress On Short Notice2012Double Plus Good Records/Stiff Slack Records (Japan)Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Self-EvidentThe Traveler2015Double Plus Good RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Self-EvidentLost Inside the Machinery2019Double Plus Good Records/Stiff Slack Records (Japan)Mixing, Mastering
Set AsideLive at Stage Center2001Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Shame ClubCome On2007Small Stone RecordsEngineer, Mixing
ShelflifeShelflife2009Independent ReleaseMixing, Mastering
Sketchbook for ErisWith Arms Out And Legs Free2004Independent ReleaseCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
SlowveinWhat A World2003Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
SphaerasMoirai2015Independent ReleaseMixing, Mastering
SphaerasSun Seeker2016Independent ReleaseMixing, Mastering
Squeaky BurgerSweet Obscurity2004Independent ReleaseCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Squeaky BurgerMexican Space Command2016Yellow Lab ProductionsProducer, Musician, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Squeaky BurgerMexican Ninja2016Yellow Lab ProductionsProducer, Musician, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Susan Herndon and the Bella CounselSpin2016Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Sweet Brenda and Sour MashMoonshine Run2004Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
T.Z. WrightDon't Let Go2014Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Tall TalesPot Pie2004Sprockett RecordsMastering
Terry "Buffalo" WareRidin' the Reverb Range2004Okie Motion RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Terry "Buffalo" WareReverb Confidential2007Okie Motion RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Terry "Buffalo" WareReverb Babylon2011Okie Motion RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Terry "Buffalo" WareMan With Guitar And Amp2016Okie Motion RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Terry "Buffalo" WareAren't You A Little Old For This?2018Okie Motion RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Terry "Buffalo" WareInto the Dwell2019Okie Motion RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Terry "Buffalo" WareIsolation Reverberation2020Okie Motion RecordsMixing, Mastering
Terry "Buffalo" Ware & Gregg StandridgeEverybody's Got One2015Okie Motion RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
The BureauWe Make Plans In Secret2007Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
The By GodsI don't care who believes me...2014Blecch RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
The By GodsGet On Feelings2015Blecch RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
The HaymakersOK Plus2002Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
The Lily GuildClock Song2012Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
The SpidersThe Spiders2004Independent ReleaseMastering
The Storied NorthwestThe Storied Northwest2008Sun Sea Sky RecordsMastering
The Whiskey GingersYou Should Know2020Independent ReleaseMixing, Mastering
Third GenerationBluegrass & Gospel Favorites2003Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Town PortalVacuum Horror2011Independent ReleaseMixing, Mastering
Town PortalChronopoly2012Subsuburban RecordsMixing, Mastering
Town PortalThe Occident2015Small Pond Recordings/Subsuburban RecordsMixing, Mastering
TraindodgeEmblem Corners2002No Karma RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
TraindodgeOn A Lake Of Dead Trees2002Ascetic RecordsCo-Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
TraindodgeNo Escape, A Tribute To Journey2003Urinine RecordsEngineer, Mixing
TraindodgeThe Truth2004Ascetic RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
TraindodgeUnder Black Sails2004Ascetic Records/Stiff Slack Records (Japan)Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
TraindodgeWolves2006Ascetic RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Traindodge/DropsonicXerxes2006Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
Traindodge/GunfighterSplit EP2002Ascetic RecordsEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
TribecaIncident At The Metropolis2003Granada MusicEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
ValvedrifterFallout2004Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering
With No RemorseWith No Remorse2004Independent ReleaseEngineer, Mixing, Mastering